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When I first started writing and performing, I was at the pinnacle of my pain. I wasn’t eating right. I wasn’t thinking right. And most of all, I wasn’t choosing happiness. What most, if not all, people at my shows didn’t realize was that they were saving me from my isolation. I couldn’t explain how it […]


If we think long enough, rivers float to the sky, streaming from the earth, like glistening beams of light, they shimmer. Careening ‘tween clouds, in patterns of memories. Their gurgle make sounds, like babies mouthing words, they speak to us. If we dream deep enough, sidewalks curve up to the sky, growing from the ground, to ancient redwood […]

“New year, new me.”

You can’t help but see one phrase on social media today: “New year, new me.” It’s kind of hard to avoid the (shamefully funny) memes, or sarcastic tweets. Even the sincere statuses that I believe to be heartfelt, despite the inevitable criticism from internet trolls. Because I’m still in my robe, and far from being […]

For anyone who needs it.

By now, I’ve already deleted and rewritten this post twice. Saved a draft. Closed the window. Saved a draft again. It’s difficult by any means, online or in person, to admit you’ve been depressed. That you’ve thought about suicide. Especially in a society that may stigmatize you (“You’re crazy.”), or champion denial (“Don’t be a wimp, and suck it up.”). It’s so easy to […]