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For anyone who needs it.

By now, I’ve already deleted and rewritten this post twice. Saved a draft. Closed the window. Saved a draft again. It’s difficult by any means, online or in person, to admit you’ve been depressed. That you’ve thought about suicide. Especially in a society that may stigmatize you (“You’re crazy.”), or champion denial (“Don’t be a wimp, and suck it up.”). It’s so easy to […]


  The trees around my parents’ house have matured over the years. I pull into their driveway, and watch a group of teenage girls walk by, sporting trends I’m honestly no longer hip to. As a lit cigarette rotates from one girl to the next, I realize this is not the neighborhood I grew up in. […]

His room. My room.

When my grandfather passed away, I moved into his old room. It had the best sunlight in the house. “Very cheery,” my mom would say. After his wake, family friends visited our house to pray and show their condolences. Half serious and half playful, they asked me, “You’re going to sleep in your grandpa’s room? Aren’t […]

“Marry a doctor…”

Originally posted here on Tumblr. If I had a dollar for every time I heard an uncle or aunt say, “Marry a doctor,” I’d have at least 50 bucks. When I was in high school, I did something stupid: I told my parents I wanted to go to med school. Little did I know, I’d […]