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  The trees around my parents’ house have matured over the years. I pull into their driveway, and watch a group of teenage girls walk by, sporting trends I’m honestly no longer hip to. As a lit cigarette rotates from one girlĀ to the next, I realize this is not the neighborhood I grew up in. […]

Abet Speaks x New Tone Present: RISEN

When I wrote this piece, I was… Broken. The word has such a negative connotation that sometimes, it makes you cringe. (Broken bones. Broken relationship. Broken family.) When I sat down to write “Risen,” I felt the need to change that. Because although I was torn at the time–completely distraught and confused–I knew there were […]

Recycled Resolution

Whenever I perform, live or online, I always wonder how people perceive me. “Who does she think she is?” “Why is she preaching?” “Does she think she’s better than us?” It’s not that I’m being self conscious… Okay, shit maybe I am. But it’s because I know my imperfections and mistakes all too well. It’s […]

Oh, you know. Just another “Twenty Something” article.

I’ve read a lot of articles about being in my twenties. Things I should do. Things I shouldn’t do. Things I would do, if only I wasn’t waist deep in debt doo-doo. (What a great tongue twister!) A lot of these articles are general, as in there’s no particular first-person account. Just a list of […]