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When I first started writing and performing, I was at the pinnacle of my pain. I wasn’t eating right. I wasn’t thinking right. And most of all, I wasn’t choosing happiness. What most, if not all, people at my shows didn’t realize was that they were saving me from my isolation. I couldn’t explain how it […]

Abet Speaks: For the Sake of Hope.

Last Saturday I met a woman at work. She walked into the office, hair wrapped, glasses sitting on the tip of her nose. She asked me if she could speak to my boss. Her voice sounded weak. Not weak as in sleep-deprived, but weak as in “Lord, do I have problems to tell.” I told her […]

Abet Speaks: about racial intolerance.

Back in March I wrote a piece called the “Downside of Unofficial.” Just recently I decided to start up a new Youtube channel to upload my pieces onto. This is the first piece that I’m showcasing. I figure, why wait to perform at various shows when the internet has become a legit stage for artists […]