This blog is dedicated to my work as a spoken word artist and writer. Here you’ll find the latest updates and posts about my career, and youtube videos that I’ve posted on my channel. Some pieces I’ve performed at shows, and some I’ve yet to showcase. You’ll find all you need to know (thus far) about the mission: my clumsy, yet brave attempt, at becoming a heroine for the twenty-first century. Equipped with pen, pad and pc.

My theory?

If i made a difference in one life, then i did my job. If made a difference in two or more, then I just got lucky. Either way, I’m blessed.

And that’s all there is to it.

Comments about the pieces and posts are welcome. Any inappropriate remarks, however, will be removed. We all have the right to free speech, but nobody has the right to abuse it. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon.

Til then, Live by ya pen.

Peace & God Bless,



  1. I wish there were more aware people out there. Keep it up girl! We need more women like you out there speaking their minds. I hope that you get through and hit ’em hard. Keep speaking for those who do not have the courage to do so and maybe someday you can tell their story.

  2. I admire your art, your ability to piece your words so fluidly. Your spoken word evoke so much depth and emotion it leaves one utterly speechless. Keep doing your thing girl. You inspire me so much.

  3. Awesome! I really feel you, keep it up Abet!



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