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For anyone who needs it.

By now, I’ve already deleted and rewritten this post twice. Saved a draft. Closed the window. Saved a draft again. It’s difficult by any means, online or in person, to admit you’ve been depressed. That you’ve thought about suicide. Especially in a society that may stigmatize you (“You’re crazy.”), or champion denial (“Don’t be a wimp, and suck it up.”). It’s so easy to […]

Oh, you know. Just another “Twenty Something” article.

I’ve read a lot of articles about being in my twenties. Things I should do. Things I shouldn’t do. Things I would do, if only I wasn’t waist deep in debt doo-doo. (What a great tongue twister!) A lot of these articles are general, as in there’s no particular first-person account. Just a list of […]

“Marry a doctor…”

Originally posted here on Tumblr. If I had a dollar for every time I heard an uncle or aunt say, “Marry a doctor,” I’d have at least 50 bucks. When I was in high school, I did something stupid: I told my parents I wanted to go to med school. Little did I know, I’d […]

Abet Speaks: Love, Life, & Loss

Heartbreak can be a very complicated condition. It’s in your mind, but it’s not. It’s emotional, but physical as well. It’s a figure of speech, yet you swear that at the moment something terrible happens in your life, a dull pain begins throbbing beneath your ribcage, leaving room for only oxygen build-up and tears. At […]