Oh, you know. Just another “Twenty Something” article.

I’ve read a lot of articles about being in my twenties. Things I should do. Things I shouldn’t do. Things I would do, if only I wasn’t waist deep in debt doo-doo. (What a great tongue twister!) A lot of these articles are general, as in there’s no particular first-person account. Just a list of bullet points or numbered experiences that most of us might relate to.

I thought maybe (since I like to call myself a writer and all), I could add that personal touch by simply being honest.

I am 25 years old. In March I’ll be 26. (Exciting right?) And every year I ask myself the same thing, “Would I be proud of the year I just lived? Have I become better than the last?” Sometimes it’s hard to say yes, knowing the amount of mistakes I’ve made. Knowing that maybe I could have tried harder to get the job I wanted. Or hustled a little more to get the money I deserve. But regardless, I try to find ways I’ve progressed, whether it’s financially or personally. Maybe I found something really cool on Wikipedia that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Who knows?

Living in your twenties can be rough because you might not know who the hell you are. “Am I an adult if I still live at home? If I don’t have babies? If I’m not married? If I’m not at my dream job? Wait–if I’m still a ‘kid,’ why can’t I just stay at home, eat Gushers, and play Mario Kart all day?”

When I look at what I’ve accomplished, I focus on myself. Not on my best friend, nor countless other “friends” on Facebook. Because no, I’m not at my dream job yet. I’m not married. NOR do I have kids, NOR AM I AS FINANCIALLY SET AS I WANT TO BE! AHhhhhhhhhhh *hyperventilating* … Just kidding. *wink*

There is a lot I have to work on. But even now as I reflect back on this year, I realize that making it through a personal struggle was just as important as that raise I wanted. Helping a friend in need was just as important as landing that “one job.” And while this is true, it will never stop me from achieving my concrete goals. I will never look at my life and say, “Ugh, why am I so STUCK?”

As long as I see a progression in who I am holistically, I’ll know that I can never really be stuck in one place. And this motivates me to keep moving on. To keep chasing my dreams . Because I mean, at 5’1” I’ve already stunted my growth for life. Why stunt my personal growth too?

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