Getting 90s R&Busy – Toni Brax-TONS of hotties.

Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High

WARNING! This video may cause the following: panty-throwing; instant pregnancy; the sudden urge to watch “Martin” or “Living Singles”; the need to call up your girls and have a “Rate Men with Gigantic Cards” night. (Although, I completely encourage that last one…)

If you follow me on Twitter, you had to have seen me tweet this video at least once. Maybe twice. Why? Because shit. It features an elevator that supplies an endless amount of fine, uniformed men, THAT’S WHY.

“You’re Making Me High” was Toni Braxton’s first single off her album Secrets, which also featured her hit, “Unbreak My Heart.” Even though it gave me false hopes of one day having a super hot, pizza-delivery boy who would later come back in a sexy, silk shirt, I enjoyed every minute of it.

From the “YO TONI!” email(? I’m not entirely sure what it was.) to the room made of pink cotton candy, there is really nothing to hate. (Except for the fact that the video ends.) And just in case you were wondering, ladies, the pizza delivery guy is none other than Bryce Wilson, who also co-produced this song with Babyface. Brains and brawn? Great choice, Toni. Guh-reat choice.

(P.S. To the dudes who hate on this video, DO NOT tell me Toni Braxton couldn’t get it in that white jumpsuit back in the day. Plus you have Tisha Campbell-Martin, Vivica A. Fox. This video has y’all covered too so STOP IT.)

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