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Getting 90s R&Busy: “I didn’t know you listen to THAT?!”

“I DIDN’T KNOW YOU LISTEN TO THAT?!” I get this a lot. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I’ve gotten it from maybe a handful of people throughout my life who, shockingly, just never knew my obsession with late 80s and 90s r&b. That’s almost blasphemous to me. Almost. I get it. You don’t know me. You […]


Okay, maybe it is. This is, however, my “publication,” and I am allowed to do whatever I want. Yes. Even use reverse psychology on people who are particularly subversive to anything and everything inspiring. (But why?! I forgive you… jerk.) It’s the day after Labor Day Weekend, and according to my unverified Twitter poll, the […]