Abet Speaks: about racial intolerance.

Back in March I wrote a piece called the “Downside of Unofficial.” Just recently I decided to start up a new Youtube channel to upload my pieces onto. This is the first piece that I’m showcasing. I figure, why wait to perform at various shows when the internet has become a legit stage for artists to get up on?

This video means a lot to me, because it’s another attempt at making something out of who I am and what I love to do. In no way am I intending to market myself. In no way am I intending to try to “blow up big.” What I do intend to do is use my gift the way that God’s directed me to use it. To express what I feel, and address both personal and universal issues.

Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me so far.
As long as you believe in who I am, I see no reason to stop chasing after my dreams.
You all are… the wind beneath my wings, quote Bette Midler.

No really. I love y’all to death, & beyond. Because there is a beyond.

So before I start crying, let me clean up this emotional train wreck and show you my new video.

Love & God Bless,

Abet Lardizabal


  1. irwinallen · · Reply

    keep up the awesome work tebs =]

  2. therealryanlee · · Reply

    the screencap for your youtube video is

  3. haha i know.. it’s scary huh? i was thinking that maybe the angry look would draw ppl’s attention.
    thanks irwin =] will do my brother, will do,

  4. Keep it up girl! Tell them how being “drunk” is no excuse for any type of ignorance. It’s worse to see those who lie to themselves and others about who they really are.

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