Making Moves.

My picture taken by Alex Roy at F.A.C.T. Variety Show 2008, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

My picture taken by Alex Roy at F.A.C.T. Variety Show 2008, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

After quite an unforgiving sprinter (spring+winter), summertime has finally hit Chicago. However, given the 60-degree weather and cloudy skies, I’m left with fifth-grade memories of flavor-ice, kick-ball, roller blades, and bloody scabs. Yup.

That being said, the summertime for Abet Speaks means making moves. During the upcoming months, I’ll be performing at different open mics in the city and suburbs. I’ll also be hunting down more performances at different APIA events in the area, which btw if you have any in mind, please shout a holler.

Hopefully, I’ll see some familiar faces. I mean, the world can be a scary place and having your support? Well, it’d be like having a gigantic flash light to scare off all the monsters. Feel me? I know you do.

Speaking of support: shouts go out to Mr. Alex Roy, a close friend of mine who just happens to be an amazing photographer. This past weekend, Alex was kind enough to hold a photo shoot with me just outside of Chicago’s China Town.

I had a super-stellar time kicking it in the city with Alex and another amazing photographer friend, David Lai. Anyway, please be sure to check out Alex’s website for the pictures, and check out his other work as well.

And about those performance dates: I’ll keep y’all updated on locations and times in this blog, so please check back for that.

Til then, live by your pen.
(And check out the youtube channel!)

Abet Lardizabal


  1. irwinallen · · Reply

    flashlight is lame. can i be your shot gun instead?

  2. yeah irwin. you can be like the left 4 dead automatic shot gun forealsss

  3. woot!

    i had a blast kickin it at the museum all afternoon, grabbing some bubble tea, eatin some good old micky deeezzzz, and of course the dope shoot. thanks for the plug on your blog as well 😉

    im excited for you, i’ll definitely be in the audience yellin your name, i can be your personal photog….shoot i could be your bodyguard like Liam Neeson in Taken haha…i wanna kick some butt!

    but stay tuned, i’ll be post more previews as i get through all these photos. i’ll also give you a DVD or a place to DL the hi res versions 🙂

  4. therealryanlee · · Reply

    magic need to start
    “making moves”.

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