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Oh, you know. Just another “Twenty Something” article.

I’ve read a lot of articles about being in my twenties. Things I should do. Things I shouldn’t do. Things I would do, if only I wasn’t waist deep in debt doo-doo. (What a great tongue twister!) A lot of these articles are general, as in there’s no particular first-person account. Just a list of […]


Okay, maybe it is. This is, however, my “publication,” and I am allowed to do whatever I want. Yes. Even use reverse psychology on people who are particularly subversive to anything and everything inspiring. (But why?! I forgive you… jerk.) It’s the day after Labor Day Weekend, and according to my unverified Twitter poll, the […]

Lost and Found

I’ve struggled. Over the past months, maybe even year, it’s been very difficult for me to put my feelings into words. And it hasn’t just been “a bad case of writer’s block.” Not just a wall. Not simply a slump. It has been, in fact, some weird, impenetrable energy field that I could not pass through […]

To zombie, or not to zombie? (Why even ask?)

6:45 a.m. I wake up for work, rubbing my eyes, trying my best not to hit “dismiss” on my phone alarm. I get up about ten minutes later, and walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I look in the mirror and I look like hell. I get over it. I put on my […]