Monthly Archives: March 2010

You can never have enough…

Growing up I had two main role models:  my sister, Lorraine, and my mom, Norma.  Both changed my diapers when I was one, and both made fun of my clothes when I was 15. They dealt with my adolescent “You just don’t understand!” phase, and years later, I’m proud to say, they finally saw me […]


I can only listen to certain artists when I write. Nujabes was one of them. Yesterday Hydeout Productions announced that Jun Seba (aka Nujabes) had passed away in late February. I’m guessing that the information wasn’t released out of respect for his family’s privacy. Today when I woke up for work, I heard the news […]

In Case of an Insecurity…

“I don’t have a good job.” “I don’t make enough money.” “What if I can’t do it?” “What if I’m not good enough?” “I just wanna stop writing.” “I just want—to quit.” Welcome to my world of insecurity. Where everything good is bound to go wrong, and everything bad is bound to get worse. I […]