I can only listen to certain artists when I write. Nujabes was one of them.

Yesterday Hydeout Productions announced that Jun Seba (aka Nujabes) had passed away in late February. I’m guessing that the information wasn’t released out of respect for his family’s privacy. Today when I woke up for work, I heard the news via Twitter. One of my friends retweeted a post by rapper, Shing02, and I found this link.

I used one of my favorite Nujabes tracks, “Beyond,” as outro music in all but one of my Youtube videos. (In “Life, Love, & Loss,” I used  “Can’t Help It” as a tribute to Michael Jackson after his death in 2009.)  He always provided that perfect track to listen to whenever I was going through a mean case of  writer’s block. He produced “beats” but honestly, they were joints you could listen to “as is.” No MC. Nothing. At that point, it just seemed appropriate to set the vibe of my reflection to tune of his. Now that he’s gone my videos almost serve as mini-tributes to his legacy as a musician. And yo, I’m digging that 100%. “Seba Jun” deserves it.

This entry is short, not because there ain’t much to say, but because his music says it all:

R.I.P. Jun Seba aka Nujabes. You’ll always be remembered, today & beyond.

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