Monthly Archives: January 2012

To zombie, or not to zombie? (Why even ask?)

6:45 a.m. I wake up for work, rubbing my eyes, trying my best not to hit “dismiss” on my phone alarm. I get up about ten minutes later, and walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I look in the mirror and I look like hell. I get over it. I put on my […]

His room. My room.

When my grandfather passed away, I moved into his old room. It had the best sunlight in the house. “Very cheery,” my mom would say. After his wake, family friends visited our house to pray and show their condolences. Half serious and half playful, they asked me, “You’re going to sleep in your grandpa’s room? Aren’t […]

Dear Reader,

Why are you so wonderful? No really I once read something out of a college literary book. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name. I promise to figure it out sooner or later.)  In the back, there were letters and essays from different authors: what to do; what not to do; reasons why young writers should […]