Abet Speaks: Superwomen & Vulnerablities.

It’s never easy for people to admit they’re weak, and I’m not an exception.

Growing up my mom was like an inspirational calendar. Another day meant another quick lesson in life.

“Never be afraid to use your God-given mouth,” she would say. “Always speak up.” Other days, she would talk sensitive topics. “Always respect your body, Abet. And NEVER, ever let a boy touch your…” Yeah, we don’t need to finish that sentence. The point is my mom raised me to be a strong person. Strong, yes. Invincible, no.

“Confessions of a Superwoman,” is just that: a confession. Despite my attempts over the years at using my “God-given mouth,” I’ve still found myself helpless and dumb on several occasions.  Those days when I swore I wouldn’t cry? I did. Those moments when I swore I wouldn’t give two sh*ts? I did. Two sh*ts, three, probably even four.

Admitting my weaknesses allows me to come to terms with who I am. Without them, I’m no more human than a special-edition, “Isla Filipina” Barbie doll.

Don’t get me wrong. I plan on holding down the “Superwoman” lifestyle for awhile, but not without a few epic battles along the way.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I appreciate it more than words can say, and that’s saying a lot. Please check back for more pieces and blogs when you get the chance. Much love and…

“Til then, live by your pen.”

– Abet Lardizabal

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